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AMS Offers Free CLE-Eligible Webinar on Use of Survey Evidence in Intellectual Property Litigation

Consumer surveys are one of the most powerful tools available in trademark or trade dress infringement cases, deceptive advertising matters, class actions, and many other types of litigation. However, many attorneys are unfamiliar with the basics of consumer surveys and how they can be used. Please join Applied Marketing Science (AMS) on Wednesday, July 22 at 12pm ET for a one-hour webinar where survey experts Brian Sowers and Jacqueline Chorn, Ph.D., and Associate Principal Marcello Santana, Esq. will discuss the use of consumer surveys in intellectual property litigation.

This CLE-eligible webinar will focus on consumer surveys for litigation, and how they can be an effective tool for attorneys helping their clients navigate through complex intellectual property matters.

This free webinar will provide attorneys with an introduction to the various applications of consumer surveys such as determining the likelihood of confusion in trademark or trade dress infringement matters, measuring consumer perceptions of an allegedly misleading advertisement, and assessing the typicality and commonality of a plaintiff’s situation in class action matters. The webinar will also cover key issues to consider when hiring a survey expert for your case, as well as strategic and tactical considerations in the design and execution of survey research for litigation. AMS survey experts will also discuss a variety of real-world cases in which consumer surveys were found to be a critical piece of evidence related to issues such as likelihood of confusion, secondary meaning, and dilution. 

After the presentation of information, AMS panelists will engage in a live question and answer session with webinar participants so that they can answer your questions directly.

Register for the webinar to learn more.



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