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Fieldwork for Litigation Research: Laying the Foundation for Quality Data

By Angela McCue

An often overlooked but critical component of any survey conducted for litigation is field. Field is the phase of the study in which the data is collected that will be used for analysis and reporting. There are a number of logistics that must be taken into consideration when conducting the field phase of a litigation research project. Even a small mistake at this phase can affect the budget and timeline, and also the overall quality – and therefore, validity - of the data. Given the level of expertise and precision necessary for surveys used in litigation, AMS has dedicated an entire department to focusing solely on managing the fieldwork phase of litigation research projects. While attorneys and clients rely on AMS to manage the field phase of their research studies, it’s helpful to have a basic understanding of field and how it impacts many of the decisions related to overall survey design and execution. 

Understanding the different challenges and knowing which approach is best for your target audience and research objectives is an extremely important part of field. The AMS field department works closely with survey experts and attorneys to provide fieldwork related guidance on decisions related to survey design, sampling, and data collection. For example, if the survey design dictates that respondents need to use real products for an in-home usage test, the AMS field department manages the process of identifying potential respondents, placing product with the respondents, and keeping them engaged during the usage period. Similarly, there are often projects in which the target audience is very niched, and therefore difficult to identify and interview. The AMS field department has extensive experience finding hard to reach respondents in a cost-effective manner under the most time-sensitive scenarios, all while maintaining the level of rigor and exactitude required in litigation research.

 The AMS field department also provides safeguards and checks and balances in field to ensure that survey data is valid and reliable. Managing quality through survey questions, validation, and process management documents provides assurances that the survey data will stand up under the most intense scrutiny from the opposing side.

 All of these things and more are discussed during Applied Marketing Science’s webinar on demand, “Field Support for Litigation Research.” Join Angela McCue and Sarah Schomp as they provide an overview of various fieldwork methodologies used in litigation research and the considerations that go into selecting the appropriate method.

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