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AMS Survey Expert Jacqueline Chorn Presents at 2019 ANA/BAA Conference

Jacqueline Chorn, Ph.D. recently represented Applied Marketing Science at the 2019 ANA/BAA Conference in San Diego, leading a roundtable on the “Best practices for online consumer perception surveys.” For those who missed the roundtable, Dr.Chorn recaps some frequently asked questions below 

Q: What is the right sample size for a survey?
A: There is no one-size-fits-all answer when determining sample size because the real issue has less to do with sample size and much more to do with sample representativeness. In fact, neither the Reference Guide on Survey Research nor the Reference Guide on Statistics that appear in the Federal Judicial Center’s Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence provide guidelines as to how large a sample needs to be in order to be considered sufficiently large. If a sample is reasonably representative of a universe, the sample can provide accurate and valid estimates of what would be found if an entire universe as a whole was sampled. With that said, one guideline to consider when determining what size is sufficient is the number of respondents customarily used in surveys for litigation.

Q: Are mall studies still a thing? If not, how do you collect data?
A: Although mall studies are still a thing, they are not frequently used because of timing (they take longer than other methodologies) and cost (they often cost more than other methodologies). AMS uses a variety of methods for collecting data. Most commonly, we collect data online. Online data collection is typically less expensive and can be collected significantly faster than other data collection modesHowever, we propose telephone surveys and street or mall intercept surveys when the research calls for it. Each mode has unique strengths and weaknesses and there is no universally accepted mode that is “best” for all circumstances. 

Q: Are you able to get a bigger sample size with online surveys because more sample is available?
A: Sometimes we can get more sample with online data collection, but the real benefit of online surveys goes back to sample representativeness. Online data collection often yields a reasonably representative sample on sociodemographic and geo-demographic variables. Because respondents do not need to visit a mall or facility, respondents are often easier to recruit than in person methodologies, and online studies are more likely to get harder to reach respondents, such as busy professionals, to participate.

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) is a full-service market research firm with over 20 years of experience conducting consumer litigation surveys for complex legal matters.  Do you have more questions about consumer perception surveys? You can contact our team of talented consumer survey experts to get the answers you’re looking for!  

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